At Don Bosco Prep we feel that the baseball facility is an extension of the Don Bosco Prep classroom. Campers are taught the fundamentals of the game of baseball in a manner that is best suited for their learning ability. Whether it is a week long summer camp or a preseason clinic the coaching staff of Don Bosco Prep lead by Coach Mike Rooney will assist your son in becoming the type of player that their potential allows. Each player has different needs and areas of strength, the staff of Don Bosco Prep and the Ironmen Baseball Camps will improve upon both so players are ready for the next challenge.



Summer Camp

Save the Dates!!!

Week 1: June 25 – 28
Week 2: July 9 – 12
9 am – 2 pm
On Don Bosco Campus
Cost $299

Limited number of campers per week.

Located at the new turf facility on the campus of Don Bosco Prep.

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