Don Bosco Prep Ironmen Baseball

Don Bosco Produces Most Current College Athletes

Don Bosco Produces Most Current College Athletes

According to Lateral Sports and the HS Athlete College Guide, Don Bosco Prep has produced the 65 NCAA (Division I, II and III) and NAIA football, volleyball and men's soccer players. This is the most from the state of New Jersey. Click here to see the...

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Vitaly Jangols '16

“Realistically I could say the DBP coaching staff has more experience and runs a better program than most division 1 schools, playing in the DBP program was the reason I had an effortless transition into college baseball. The level of preparation and the discipline required to play at Don Bosco Prep both mentally and physically prepared me for college. There is a different expectation of success, and I credit the DBP coaching staff for all the life lessons I learned along the way.”

Josh Shaw '15

We were held to the standard of a high level Division 1 program from our first day stepping on the field. The coaching staff gave us every resource necessary in preparing us to play at the next level.
There is culture passed down from the upper classman on how to carry yourself on the field and how to act off of it. When it came time for college baseball, the transition was seamless because of the competition and next level coaching we had at Bosco.

Cullen Dana '15

Don Bosco Baseball is run like a college program it  single handedly created  more opportunities and exposure for me to get recruited by colleges than any other high school you can attend.
Don Bosco’s  competition for playing time was motivating, high level competition makes you a better player and prepares you to compete at the college level. I could not have asked for better coaching from people who know the game and have player’s best interest at heart.

Kevin Jaxel '22

State Champs

I am not sure what my high school experience would have been somewhere else. But I know that going to Don Bosco and playing baseball for the coaches opened the door to my college opportunity. I was  prepared to be successful in college because of the DBP Baseball program. The college opportunities that the coaching staff creates for their players doesn’t exist in other places. The coaching staff could not have done more for my teammates and I.

Eric Becker '23

State Champs

I believe I am ready to compete as a freshman at University of Virginia because of my experience at Don Bosco prep. The coaching staff challenged me everyday to compete at a high level while always keeping my teammates and I accountable to each other. I will cherish my relationships and memories at Don Bosco Prep forever